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Vashon Allied Arts 40th Anniversary:
40 years for the Arts

Vashon Allied Arts marked its fortieth anniversary with a celebration at the Blue Heron on Saturday, July 16, 2006. The particular goal was to bring back together some of the most important people involved in creating, nurturing, and sustaining Vashon Allied Arts over the decades, and to provide a get-together for new and old friends and well-wishers.

From its start in the mid-70's as the "Arts Resource Center" up where Granny's Attic is now, to the first Blue Heron in the current Vashon Historical Museum building on Bank Road, to Vashon Allied Arts' current home in the former Vashon International Order of Odd Fellow's Hall on the Island Highway just south of McFeeds, there has been a succession of individuals who went above and beyond in keeping Allied Arts, the Art Auction, and the Blue Heron alive at times, and prospering now.

My own small role was, with Janice Mallman, in being the first Visual Arts coordinators (we were talked into this no-small-task by Christine Beck and Laura White!) at the old Blue Heron on Bank Road back in 1979-1980, and in helping with the lease signing and the move into the current Vashon Allied Arts home in the Odd Fellow's Hall back in 1980-1981.

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VAA 40th Anniversary

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