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Mr Sage's (un-official)
Good Sportsmanship Award 2010!


I don't know if you've been following the world of Vashon Island Soccer Club GU-12 soccer this year, but there's been an heroic battle going on between two Island teams all season, the Vashon Alligators GU-12's and the Vashon Pirates FC GU-12's.

The two teams have either been tied for first place in their Tacoma-Pierce County Junior Soccer Association GU-12 Silver division or have been first place-second place this entire season.

The Alligators and the Pirates FC have played head-to-head against each other twice, first in the classic late-afternoon "Rainy Derby" on Sunday October 9, where the two teams tied 2-2 in a monsoon-like downpour, and then again on Saturday November 13, where the Alligators won 1-0 on a first-half goal by Josie C.

So what's this "(un-official) Good Sportsmanship Award" all about?

After the game was over this last Saturday the victorious Alligators came across the field and did a celebratory tunnel for the Pirates FC!

I just thought it was so cool that the Alligators did this that I'm awarding the first annual Mr Sage's Good Sportsmanship Award to the Alligators, and a runner-up to the Pirates FC for being in such good cheer despite having just lost to their on-Island rivals!

(It's not surprising, I suppose, when you consider that most of these girls have probably known each other since kindergarten. Another one of the benefits of living on an Island...)

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