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And more pictures, these at the Unofficial Portland Power site from Bart, here, and a lot of great pictures here!

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"Yes, there will be a tape of the game. hoopSalute found 2 wonderful guys, Steve and Roger, who donated their time and taped the game. Steve is in the process of reviewing and editing the film now and we hope to have something available in a couple of weeks. Our intention is to provide a tape that will capture all the pregame, game, halftime and postgame activities. Cost hasn't yet been determined, but all proceeds from tape sales will go to charity. Please watch this website [hoopSalute] for further information."

01/25/99 -- the San Jose Mercury News -- by Jody Meacham

"Edwards provides exciting end --
-- Her shot at buzzer wins farewell game"

"So what if the refs mostly just let them play. It was basketball, it was fun, it was 101-100 on a buzzer shot from Teresa Edwards, late of the Philadelphia Rage, that decided the game."

"The 101 belonged to former Lasers Coach Angela Beck's team in Sunday's ``hoopSalute'' tribute game to the recently folded American Basketball League."

"Several players, especially Sheri Sam of the Lasers, who had returned from pro ball in Italy to play, were traded back and forth between teams during the game."

"Team Beck trailed Team Dunn, coached by Lin Dunn of the Portland Power, nearly all afternoon, several times by 10 points."

"In the fourth quarter, however, Team Beck, which had Olympians Jennifer Azzi and Edwards, pulled to within two points with 3:56 left. Sam went to the free-throw line with a chance to tie on a one-and-one but missed the second shot."

"But she hit a layup with 2:20 to go, giving Team Beck its first lead, 94-93."

"Former Lasers guard Kedra Holland-Corn, playing for Team Beck, missed a three-point shot with five seconds to play, but the rebound was lost out of bounds by Team Dunn."

"Edwards' shot came on the inbounds play with 0:00 showing on the clock."

01/25/99 -- the San Jose Mercury News

The full, official recap: hoopSalute

"It took four hours of skills games, singing, dancing and basketball to get it done, but the ABL ended with a party, not a wake."

"More than 1,600 fans at the announced sellout watched Lasers Coach Angela Beck -- whose team beat Portland Coach Lin Dunn's team 101-100 -- throw her jacket on the floor during a tense moment one more time before it was auctioned off with players' knee pads and shoes. They saw Azzi's sister, Susanne Kramer of Davis, slip into the game for a few minutes in Jennifer's No. 8 jersey."

"They saw Olympian Teresa Edwards, the ABL's second-leading career scorer and member of the league's board of directors, win the game on an inbounds play under the basket at 0:00."

"The future was on the mind of many of the fans as they celebrated the past."

"``There has to be something in the (sports) world little girls can aspire to other than figure skating and gymnastics,'' said Sue Crissman of Mountain View. ``Both are fraught with poison. They send the message that sports is all over-coached, driven to anorexia and ruining their bodies instead of doing something healthy.''"

The Basic Deal About hoopSalute!

Sunday, January 24, 1999

The hoopSalute game was held in the basketball gym at De Anza college,
which is at Stevens Creek Blvd and Highway 85 in Cupertino, California.
Cupertino is about 10 miles north of San Jose. 


No.	Player	 		ABL team
 8	Jennifer Azzi 		Lasers
 4	Teresa Edwards 		Philadelphia
33	Clarisse Machanguana 	Lasers
30*	Kate Starbird		Seattle
30*	Anna DeForge		Lasers
34	Naomi Mulitauaopele	Seattle
25	Kedra Holland-Corn	Lasers 

Coach: Angela Beck, Lasers.
* -- DeForge and Starbird will wear No. 30.


No.	Player			ABL team
11	Katy Steding		Portland
24	Natalie Williams	Portland
 3	Kate Paye		Seattle
21	Edna Campbell		Colorado
55	Anita Kaplan		Chicago
34	Sonja Henning		Portland
 3	Laurie Byrd		Lasers 

Coach: Lin Dunn, Portland. 

The confirmed participants in hoopSalute were:

Jennifer Azzi
Laurie Byrd
Edna Campbell
Anna DeForge
Teresa Edwards
Sonja Henning
Kedra Holland-Corn
Anita Kaplan
Clarisse Machanguana
Naomi Mulitauaopele
Kate Paye
Kate Starbird
Katy Steding
Natalie Williams 

Angela Beck, assisted by Susan Hammer
Lin Dunn 

Klik (mouse gear and all!) 

Betty Ann Boeving (Stanford Women's BBall announcer),
who passed the test of pronouncing "Mulitauaopele". 

Couldn't get Larry, but Mike Gervazoni (De Anza Women's BBall Coach)
has secured three Div 2A coaches for us
-- please don't give them too hard of a time. 

The schedule, Sunday, January 24

11:00am - 2:00pm Will Call is open.

1:00pm Doors open.

2:00pm Events begin. Schedule is subject to change!! 

Emcee will lead Moment of Silence and dedication of game for Katrina Price.
Emcee will introduce Gay Katilius
Announcer will introduce TEAMS!
National Anthem
3-point shot contest preliminaries (10-15 minutes)
Girl Scouts will sing

Tip off (1st half: 2 quarters, 10 minutes each)

Halftime: Events will include 3-point finals and
a slam dunk exhibition by Teresa Edwards!

2nd half :(2 quarters, 10 minutes each)

Jennifer Azzi speaks 
Gay presents awards
Live auction (each player has been asked to donate something,
plus we have lots of other goodies!) Should last about 30 minutes.
Second autograph/photo session 

Check out hoopSalute!
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The official hoopSalute logo,
designed by Jill Prestigiacomo

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