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The 1997 Vashon Island
Strawberry Festival!

The Strawberry Festival!

Road Closed!

This was the 80th Annual Strawberry Festival - so named from the days when Vashon Island was a major producer of strawberries for the growing cities of Seattle and Tacoma.

The Festival proper takes place in Ober Park, at the north end of the town of Vashon, where we have live music all day Saturday and Sunday, and crafts, art, and clothing makers selling their wares. Years ago the booths were pretty much only Island residents; today many but not all people are from the Island.

The Island Highway through the middle of town is closed both days and the street is lined with food booths and all manner of other vendors, from New Age to snake-oil, to the Democrats and the Republicans.. (Have I been redundant?)

For many people the Strawberry Festival is really the Parade that happens on Saturday morning before noon.

The Parade (and the Kid's Parade before it) marks the official opening of Festival, and is a happening of its own, and is the kind of small-town parade that's not found in its original form very often anymore...

We have dignitaries - here, Ron and Joan Meyer, Grand Marshals, and the owners of the Vashon Dairy Queen.

Ron and Joan were honored for their years and years of work in support of the youth of Vashon Island, from providing that first job for a teenager, or making space available for a fund-raising car wash, to hosting countless sports team parties and birthdays.

Ron and Joan Meyer

Old Tractor Society

And we've got that rare home-town ambience from such favorites as:

The Vashon Old Tractor Society

The Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust

Land Trust

Thriftway Drill Team

And the Vashon Thriftway Drill team, here, under the capable direction of Kevin Ross!

(Yes: those are shopping carts - No: you can't imagine what they do with 'em!)

Finally, there's a Carnival where you can squander a small fortune at the "Games-of-Chance"; or you could get to toss your cookies by eating an order of curly fries before you ride the Zipper!

Yes! just good wholesome American fun!

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