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What's the big deal, anyway?

The big deal is this:

Whatever the case, TSCOG clearly made a "mistake" in their understanding of what Eric Levenez' Unix timeline meant, and why it was laid out the way it was.

And they went on to imply a direct (but false) lineage between Xenix, Minix, and Linux.

Here it is, in pictures.


AFAIK, there have been three renditions of TSCOG's modified Unix® timeline, based upon the original by Eric Levenez.

  1. The web version, formerly at (this link should generate a 404 Not Found), and found to have been replaced in its refering link at -- "UNIX System Development Timeline" -- by a reference to Eric Levenez' Unix timeline, some time between June 19, 2004 and July 25, 2004.

    Here is a copy of that web page, which I preserved on June 19, 2004.

    There is/was still an archived copy at*/ as of July 27, 2004, see here, for example, and take the link "UNIX System Development Timeline" -- although's copies have some unimportant gaps in them.

    And, at least at July 27, 2004, [and continuing at July 26, 2005] there is still a copy (shhh!!) online at, which, as you can see, is within the Caldera domain namespace. It's interesting to note that this version has a different legend, one refering to "SCO Linux Heritage" rather than just plain "Linux". Perhaps this version was created before TSCOG decided to pretend that it had never been associated with Linux in any way :-/

    Finally, a variant (in vertical format :-/ ) by Charles Puffer is found at This was apparently an abortive start to redo the Levenez Unix timeline, a project that was probably replaced by the Grokline Project.

  2. An SCO Source Powerpoint presentation, on slide 4. (Incidentally, Writer 1.0.2 does a splendid job of displaying M$ Powerpoint presentations). I'm guessing this originates in the summer of 2003; I pulled down my copy around June 24, 2004.

    Here is the entire SCO Source Powerpoint presentation if you want to download it;

    Here is a *.png of slide number 4.

  3. In the photographs from SCO Forum 2003, where Darl and his assistant hold up a long, taped-together printout of the SCO Source Unix® timeline.

    Here are my local copies of the SCO Forum 2003 photos:

So, again, we don't really know to what use TSCOG planned to put all this, ultimately.

We do know that they have presented, in at least three different ways, a Unix timeline that was flawed (being generous) or deliberately falsified (being more realistic :-/ ).

And, most interesting, we know for a fact that some time after June 19, 2004, TSCOG has begun to remove all traces of its "Unix timeline" from its web site.

What does that tell you?

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