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Last modified: Wed Aug 4 09:45:26 2004

TSCOG Unix timeline, side-by-side with Eric Levenez'

The problem is at the red dot (mine).

Levenez' defines the origin of the line descending to Minix as beginning at the parentage for the UNIX Time Sharing System, V7-V8.

TSCOG attempts to "hop aboard" that line by jumping from the UNIX TSS V7-Xenix-Sinix parentage, thus (falsely) establishing a direct linear parentage from Xenix, through Minix, into Linux.

(Why Xenix-Sinix? Sinix was the Siemens' corporation's UNIX variant, and one to which the Old Santa Cruz Operation did have a relationship).

Problem is, the crossing of any two lines on Levenez' chart does not represent a connection, but only a graphic necessity.

Now, people have pointed out that this wouldn't have been a problem if only Levenez had used a much clearer graphic symbol set while drawing his chart.

My response: Eric could not have reasonably foreseen that he would need to defend himself againt TSCOG's relentless falsifications, and thus shouldn't have had to plan ahead for such a situation.

And, of course we'll leave the fact that there is no direct, linear parentage from Minix into Linux go for another day...



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