Rosalie's Thirteenth Birthday!

Rosalie and I celebrate every other birthday together (it's a single-parent/parenting plan kinda deal..)

1998 was her thirteenth birthday - we had to work around which weekends she and I are together, and around winter break at McMurray Middle School and when her best friends were going away for break..

And then we checked out the Seattle Reign's schedule and came up with a great plan!

Rosalie decorating!

I got up early Saturday and baked a cake which Rosalie decorated, and about 1:30 her three best friends, Amanda D, Sarah M and Maria T came over and we did cards and presents.

Happy 13th!

Oh! It's for me!
Cool Stuff!

Rosalie got a bunch of cool stuff: some Crabtree and Evelyn, some floating bath candles, Garden Botanica mango bath and shower gel, some new post earrings, a big beanie cow, and a new Baden basketball!

The Beanie Cow!
Baden B-Ball!

After presents we piled into our car and headed to the Northend ferry dock and the 2:40 boat. We were on our way to the Mercer Arena to see the Seattle Reign play the Columbus Quest - Columbus was first overall in the ABL with a record of 32 wins and only 7 losses coming into the game we were going to see. Seattle has been struggling all season and we didn't have a lot of hope for the game...

But the Reign played a fantastic game and ended up winning over the Quest 74-62! We stayed after the game and we all got autographs by point guard Kate Paye #3 and by forward Kate Starbird #30, and by the Reign mascot Triumph!

So we were rockin' as we piled back into the car, drove back to Fauntleroy, back to the Island and to dinner at Casa Bonita!


...where we wolfed down chips and salsa, and nachos, and carne asada burritos, and chicken tamales, and cheese enchiladas, and chili rellenos, all washed down with non-alcoholic magaritas and pina coladas and Mexican pop!

And finished the evening with the traditional birthday photo under the Big Sombrero! The picture gets put up on the walls somewhere with dozens and dozens of other birthday pictures!


And are we done? No! Next we head back home to visit -


What! You don't like it?

What you do is you take a smallish room that you aren't going to need for quite a while, and you hide the treat bags under something like a bookshelf, and you tie one end of an entire new ball of yarn (the multicolored yarn is best!) to one treat bag, and you start making your spider web, throwing the yarn around any obstacle in the smallish room that you have handy, like the bicycles and the sled and the surfboard (you do have a surfboard in your smallish room, don't you?) and the croquet set and you keep going around and around and back and forth until the ball of yarn is completely used up, and then you hang the end of that ball of yarn down from the ceiling at the doorway into your smallish room with the name of the person who's treat bag is at the other end of the yarn.

The Spider Web!

And then you do it all over again with the next treat bag and a new ball of yarn!

What you get is an incredible maze of yarn and no one gets their treat bag until the whole thing is untangled! Which can take over a half-an hour!

After this exhausting experience it was time for cake and ice cream!


Stop blowing out the candles, you guys!

Let's see.. Cut the cake first or blow out the candles first?

Make a wish!

Mmmm! Tasty!


And by this time it was midnight, and I told 'em that I didn't want anybody hurt, and I didn't want anything broken, and I didn't want anybody fighting, and I was going to bed and they were on their own...

And I went to bed, and they stayed up until after 3:00am playing ghost tag and calling in requests to KUBE, and somehow I didn't hear a peep!

And the next morning (Sunday) they all got up by about 10:00 and I cooked crepes stuffed with yogurt and fruit and powdered sugar, and by 2:00 everyone's parents had come to pick them up, and that was Rosalie's thirteenth birthday party!

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