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2000 Vashon High School Girls' Volleyball!

Rosalie's fifteenth birthday party!

Happy New Year's 1999!

1999 McMurray Mustangs Girls' Basketball!


Rosalie's Vashon high school volleyball portfolio!


Rosalie stuffs one against Foster, away match!

In her senior year, fall 2002, the Pirates swept Foster home-and-away, and ended up going to Districts with a 7-6 record! They ended up third at Districts, and missed going to the State 2A Volleyball Championships in Yakima by one game!


[Rosalie 2002!]

Hitting against Foster, 2002 season, home match.

[Rosalie 2002!]

The 2002 Varsity Pirates!

So after she broke her ankle sliding in to second base, summer of 1999, between middle school and high school, Rosalie hobbled around and went to New York and came back, and she found out that all her best buds were going to play Pirate girls' volleyball for their freshman year of high school. And that was it for basketball, which Rosalie had been playing since the fifth grade...

Freshman year (fall 1999) went pretty good: Rosalie played JV volleyball with her buds; after the season was over we organized a volleyball club team that met twice a week; we finally got into a tournament in April and did OK against some *really* tough competition..

So again Rosalie injured her ankle during the summer (Is there a pattern here? Summer '98 - broken wrist playing basketball; summer '99 - broken ankle playing fastpitch; summer '00 - injured ankle playing volleyball..) but this time it was less serious and she got to do volleyball camp during the summer.

In her fall 2000 sophomore year, Rosalie was a swing player, mostly playing on JV but playing a lot on Varsity as well, later in the season.

There weren't any juniors on the 2000 Pirate team, so the next year Rosalie and the rest of the sophomores were going the core of the team in 2001.

So, the 2001 season came around, and everyone thought the team had a tremendous amount of potential, and the Pirates went 1 and 12...

What happened? Let's just say that the capabilities of the team, and of the individual players, were not brought out well and leave it at that.

After the 2001 season, 14 assorted parents and other relatives met with Athletic Director Greg Allison, and made a compelling case for a coaching change.

So in the summer of 2002, Vashon high school hired former Foster high school coach Dave Plypick, and we started into Rosalie's senior year with a lot of excitement, and high hopes again.

And this time, we struck it rich!

On the way to being chosen Nisqually League Coach of the Year for the third time, Dave Plypick coached the Pirates to a 7-6 winning season (the Pirates' first winning season in over ten years!), to third in Districts at Eatonville, and to finishing one win away from going to State!

Right now: Rosalie (and several of her buddies) continues to play volleyball at adult drop-in, two nights a week, which is a program of the Vashon Island Parks District. Being pretty busy with her job and school to do a club team, Rosalie's been going to adult drop-in twice a week for several years.

[Rosalie 2002!]

Another hit against Foster, 2002 season, home match.

[Rosalie 2002!]

Hitting against Steilacoom, 2002 season, away match.


Vashon Ice U14 Fastpitch!

Rosalie did slowpitch and fastpitch softball for four years, and for the summer 1999 several people (Rod Ciceri, Doug Havnaer, and Doris Paulsen) put together a U14 girls' fastpitch team rather than try to organize another Vashon Youth Baseball/Softball league for the 1999 season.

The girls practiced three days a week (I'd try to come to practice when I could get off work) and we played in a rec league based down in Tacoma. The league started in the last week of May and ran in through the end of July; we were also going to do a couple of tournaments in June, July and August!

So we got started into the league, and Rosalie was playing first base, and then on the first Monday of summer vacation she broke her ankle sliding in to second base!

She had a good jump leaving first but the play was out ahead of her by third and she realized she had to get down, and she was real close to the base and went in with her left knee locked and right away we knew she was hurt.

She started to come out of the game, and then she decided she could stay in, and she finished the game playing hurt (she's tough, and stubborn!)

So a coupla days later when she could still hardly put any weight on her ankle her mom took her in to the doctor's and it was broken and she was in a hard cast for about four weeks, and on crutches right up to the Strawberry Festival, and had a walking cast on right up 'till she went to New York on August 5.

But she got better!

Go Windermere!

Woo Hoo Windermere!

In 1998, Rosalie was on Windermere Real Estate playing a six-week Vashon Youth Softball schedule, mostly at first base, and some at shortstop.

Middle School Girls' Softball, 1997

At the Plate

In 1997, Vashon Youth Softball went to fastpitch at the Middle School girls' level - all part of the master plan (IMHO) to create a stealth farm system for the Vashon High School Pirates girls' softball team, which started fastpitch in 1996, and which returned to the Nisqually League in 1998 when the Nisqually League adopted fastpitch. Anyway... Here's Rosalie at bat for Subs-To-Go! 'waay high - ball three!

Subs to Go

Way to Go Subs to Go!


The McMurray years!

Rosalie played basketball for about four years, from the fifth through the eighth grades, and got pretty serious about the game. She played rec league ball with Vashon Island Junior Basketball in the sixth grade when I coached, and in the fifth grade when I co-coached. In the 1997 season and the 1998 season she played on the McMurray Middle School varsity team!

When she was 14-and-a-half, Rosalie was over 5'10" in her basketball shoes (Adidas KB 8's) and played center or power forward.

In the summer of 1998 Rosalie and her best basketball bud Amanda D did the Kate Paye Basketball Academy for a week, at King's High School up in Shoreline!

They both had a great time and Rosalie's ball-handling and shooting improved tremendously!

(Check out a cool article about the Kate Paye Academy by Colleen Bittner!)

So Rosalie finished out her last season of McMurray Mustangs basketball scoring 10 points against Orting, and fouling out. Fouling out was good because she needs to play more agressively, and she paced herself and got her fifth with less than 2 minutes left in the fourth when the game was well in hand.

Next up was to have been the 1999 summer league/summer basketball program, in preparation for Vashon High School girls' basketball for the 1999 season in Rosalie's freshmen year.

All this was fine until Rosalie broke her ankle sliding into second base during a fastpitch game down in Tacoma the first week after school got out...

...so she spent two-thirds of the summer hobbling around on crutches, missed basketball camp, went to New York to spend a week with her bud Jess, and when she came back, Rosalie found most all her buddies were doing volleyball that fall for their freshmen year, and the rest is history...

McMurray Mustangs 1998!

McMurray Mustangs Girls' Basketball!

Go Blue Team!

Vashon Island Junior Basketball, 1996-1997...

I coached a girl's 5th-6th grade basketball for the winter '96-'97 season, when Rosalie was in the 6th grade. Here's our un-official team photo at the end of the season.

Sarah, Brittany, and Helen, back row; and Joanna and Rosalie, front row.

These are the five survivors from a team that started with nine players - and one of this five broke her finger playing baseball (in March!?) the day after we played our best game ever. But we had a great time, and everyone improved tremendously!

Go Blue Team!

Here's Rosalie's 5th grade VIJB team when I co-coached with John Montoya, 1995-1996!

Ellie, Rosalie, Jess, and Joon, and John Montoya back row; Jamie, Maria, and Linsey, front row.

Go Yellow Team!

[Rosie's 15th]

Rosalie's fifteenth birthday!

Rosalie's thirteenth birthday!


Rosalie's Green Car!

My worst nightmare!

Rosalie and her older cousin Aaron out somewhere in fantasyland!

Drive the car? Yeah - right!

(Actually, Rosalie took driver's training in the summer of 2000, and she has her learner's permit, and she's doing really well with it..)

That was then...

This is now...

[Rosalie's new ride!]

Rosalie's new ride: a 1995 Dodge Neon Highline 2-door!

Here it's getting a quick hose-down before she goes off to work at TWay...

Here's a photo album I put together when we sold Rosalie's Green Car in 2007


My kid and I are into fishing!

Our Boat!

Mostly we go salt water fishing for salmon (or whatever!) off a public fishing pier at Tramp Harbor on Vashon Island.

Some summer, we hope to have our boat in the water permanently.

Do we have any luck? Hmmmm...

Little Fish!


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