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Rosalie's high school volleyball portfolio!

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Senior year, fall 2002!

For her senior year, Rosalie continued playing principally as a middle blocker, although I seemed to get more pictures of her hitting.

(Actually, I didn't get many pictures of anyone this season, 'cause I was spending more time doing stats and a game narrative for publication every week in the Beachcomber).

Rosalie's 2002 stats over 13 matches/43 games: 36 kills, 27 blocks; averages: .84 kills per game, .63 blocks per game; 2.77 kills per match, 2.1 blocks per match.

Rosalie was first in blocks, and third in kills on Pirate varsity volleyball for 2002.

The Pirate's 2002 stats: 7-6 in thirteen matches; 493 points for versus 405 points against; team averages, 11 points for per game versus 7 points against; 37 points for per match, versus 31 points against per match.

The biggest news, really, was coach Dave Plypick in his first year at Vashon high school. Formerly the volleyball coach at our arch-rival, Foster high school in Tukwilla, Dave coached the Pirates from 1-12 in 2001 to 7-6 in 2002, reaching third place at the West Central Districts, and just missing a trip to the Championships at State by one win!

Coach Dave Plypick was voted Nisqually League Coach of the Year for the third time!

Rosalie was voted Most Improved Player by her teammates for the third year in a row, and received her third Varsity letter!

Right now: Rosalie (and several of her buddies) continues to play volleyball at adult drop-in, two nights a week, which is a program of the Vashon Island Parks District. Being pretty busy with her job and school to do a club team, Rosalie's been going to adult drop-in twice a week for several years.


Senior's night!

L-R: coach Dave, Heather, Jenny, Joanna, Rosalie, Samantha!

2002 Varsity, at Senior's night, after beating Foster!

L-R: Char, Malinda, Rosalie, Heather, Joanna, coach Dave, Jen, Lyssa, Samantha, Lara, Jenny!

Junior year, fall 2001!

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A lot of people had high hopes for the 2001 Pirate Varsity team. The Pirates had graduated some very strong seniors from the 2000 team, and as there were no juniors on the 2000 team to return as seniors in 2001, Rosalie's junior class found itself thrust into the leadership role.

Unfortunately, neither the team's nor any player's potential was ever realized through a very difficult season, and the Pirates ended up 1-12 for the season and last place in the Nisqually League.

After the season was over and the dust had settled, a group of parents and relatives went to the Vashon high school Athletic Director and made their case for a coaching change...

Despite the team's overall record, Rosalie was again voted Most Improved Player by her teammates, and was published as Pirate of the Week (a high school sports award in the local newspaper, the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber)!

Rosalie received a Varsity letter for the second year!


Rosalie and Jenny
Joanna, Rachel, Amanda!

2001 Varsity Pirates!

Pirate of the Week, Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, October 2001!

Sophomore year, fall 2000!

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Rosalie was a swing player in her sophomore year, fall 2000. She started out mostly on JV, and ended up the year mostly on Varsity!

Rosalie was voted Most Improved Player for 2000 by her teammates, and she received a Varsity letter for her performance on the Varsity team!



Junior Varsity!


Freshman year, fall 1999!

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So Rosalie didn't play basketball in High School, as a lot of people expected, but went out for volleyball in the fall. Because she had never played volleyball before, Rosalie spent the season on JV, but she caught on really quickly...


Here's the on-Island club team we put together after Rosalie's freshman year.
(That's *not* me: that's Chris S, organizer of adult drop-in volleyball at Chautauqua Elementary, two nights a week. It's a blast!)

Go Pirates!

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