USGS Digital Orthophoto Quad's
from the 7.5 minute series

These were all taken in the summer of 1990

The SW quarter of the Duwamish Head quadrangle has the northern tip of Vashon Island, Blake Island, and the Southworth ferry dock over on the Kitsap Peninsula

SW quarter-Duwamish Head Quadrangle

The Olalla NE quadrangle has Colvos and Peter Point, Cove, Sunset Beach and Robinwood Beach

NE quarter-Olalla Quadrangle NW quarter-Vashon Quadrangle

The Vashon NW quadrangle has Fern Cove on the west side, Glen Acres, Dilworth Point, the airport, and the town of Vashon

The Olalla SE quad has the County dump, Lisabeula, Reddings Beach, and Paradise Cove

SE quarter-Olalla Quadrangle SW quarter-Vashon Quadrangle SE quarter-Vashon Quadrangle

The Vashon SW quad has K2 Skis, the School Campus before Chautauquah Elementary, Misty Isle Farms, Burton, and Inner Quartermaster Harbor

The Vashon SE quad has Ellisport and KVI beach, Portage, and most of Maury Island

The Gig Harbor NE quad has Camp Sealth, Spring Beach, and Tahlequah

NE quarter-Gig Harbor Quadrangle NW quarter-Tacoma North Quadrangle NE quarter-Tacoma North Quadrangle

The Tacoma North NW quad has Outer Quartermaster Harbor and Dockton, and Manzanita, Rosehilla, Northilla, Summerhurst, Shore Acres, and Sandy Shores

And the Tacoma North NE quad has Gold Beach

All these are from the U.S.G.S. Global Land Information System

Canon Pro90 IS Digital Imaging!

All my digital photography
copyright John D Sage/FinchHaven
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

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