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[McMurray Varsity!]

Katie, Kelsey, Alice, Brittany, Femke, Rosalie, Jessie P, Jessie K, and Amanda, before the second half at Orting!
(Oh.. and Coach Beba!)

Wednesday 03/17/99!

McMurray Varsity 28
Orting Varsity 8!

McMurray Junior Varsity 20
Orting JV 18!

What a way to finish the season!

McMurray Mustangs Girls' Basketball!

The McMurray Mustangs play a ten-game season against middle schools from the Tukwila, Orting, Eatonville, Steilacoom and North Mason school districts in the central metropolitan Puget Sound area -- school districts in south King county, Pierce county, and Kitsap county.

These middle schools feed into the WIAA Class 2A Nisqually League high schools that the Vashon Pirates boys' and girls' high school basketball teams play against, so the Mustangs will be seeing a lot of their opponents all the way up through high school!

The 1999 McMurray Mustangs!

VarsityJunior Varsity BlueJunior Varsity Gold

Katie ATara BAlexandra C
Kelsey CLindsey BChelsea C
Crystal CShellis CCarrie C
Amanda DAlice JLeanne G
Brittany JTeal MHelen H
Jessie KJenny MAllison M
Femke OEmily PSabrina P
Jessie PLara SLisa R
Rosalie STessie STiffany T
Alice SKatie W

McMurray Mustangs Girls' Basketball - 1999!

All home games played at Chautauqua Elementary School
Junior Varsity at 3:30 -- Varsity at 4:45 (approximately)

Date vs Opponent

Score :-) or :-(

Wed 02/10/99 vs Showalter MS, here 3:30 JV L 6-16 :-( -- Varsity L 18-21 :-(

Both teams played pretty darn good first-of-the-season games against Showalter which is always a tough team to beat!

Varsity put on a fierce charge in the fourth quarter: starting down by 14 points, they held Showalter scoreless, and finished losing by only 3 -- 18-21!

Mon 02/22/99 vs Hawkins MS, away JV L - Varsity L

Varsity lost by 3 points in overtime! Dang!

Wed 02/24/99 vs Eatonville MS, here 3:30 JV L - Varsity L

Both JV and Varsity are really playing pretty well - it's just that so far they're playing teams that are better. (well - I dunno about Hawkins..)

I don't think winter break helped - they kinda lost focus, and I think both JV and Varsity need to regain that basic self-confidence that lets them attack the basket with the ball.

I'm seeing 'way too many players who are way too tentative when they have the ball and they're within shooting range...

I hope they don't get too discouraged - the game will come to 'em!

Mon 03/01/99 vs Orting MS, here 3:30 JV W 16-8 -- Varsity W 23-9

OK! Now here was the kind of games that I knew these girls could play! Good defense, good boxing-out and rebounding, much improved passing!

Their offensive setups are starting to look real effective; their defensive setups are really starting to cause some problems -- Varsity particularily!

What do we need? Particularily, the non-starters need to remember that every second they're on the floor they have a job to do! No one is a spectator; stay in the game until the whistle blows!

Good Job Girls!

Wed 03/03/99 vs Showalter MS, away JV - Varsity

Well, this game was hopefully only postponed by the March 3rd storm; the Vashon school district was closed, and the Fauntleroy ferry dock was too!

Thurs 03/04/99 vs Pioneer MS, away JV L - Varsity Win by 3 in OT!

Mon 03/08/99 vs Pioneer MS, here 3:30 JV L 10-12 - Varsity L 21-26

Wow! Varsity was down 0-14 at the first quarter; 2-14 2nd quarter; 11-16 3rd quarter; tied on Rosalie's freethrow well into the 4th quarter, and then just had it slip away on fouls and turnovers to lose 21-26!

A well-played game, pretty much, except for the first quarter where they were asleep.

JV got caught from behind: 4-0 Q1; 6-2 Q2; 6-4 Q3 -- a defensive masterpiece ;-) -- and then was barely out-shot Q4 to lose 10-12...

Wed 03/10/99 vs Hawkins MS, here 3:30 JV L 11-17 -- Varsity L 17-23

Doggone it! Again a weak first quarter Q1 3-6 and a first half Q2 3-8 and a weak 3rd Q3 7-17 and then a charge in the fourth to end up 17-23.

Some turnovers and some missed assignments on defense made a difference. The girls played well, but not consistently so.. And Hawkins is a pretty good team!

Fri 03/12/99 vs Showalter MS,
makeup game away 3:30
JV W 15-10 - Varsity L 14-27

JV played a great game!

But doggone it again: this time Varsity was held scoreless in the fourth quarter in a game they really played well against a very strong and competent Showalter. Showalter's #54 scored 16 points, I think..

Again, some turnovers, and some missed defensive assignments, and Mustang shot selection made the difference. The girls played really played pretty well, but Showalter is probably the strongest team they play.

Mon 03/15/99 vs Eatonville MS, away JV L - Varsity L

I didn't get to see these games, but everyone I talked to said these were the two worst-officiated games they've ever seen. Apparently there was only one ref, and he let the games get completely out of hand.

Our JV and Varsity teams are both well-trained, so they're not playing street ball, and that puts 'em at a real disadvantage when they play against very aggressive or very undisciplined teams..

I think the quality of officiating, generally, has been pretty poor.. There needs to be a consistent level of officiating on the rules of basketball in all these games, because the girls have got to learn to play within the rules.

It seriously devalues the work that a conscientious coach, and sincere athletes, put in to their game when the referees fail to enforce even the most blatant violations and fouls.

Wed 03/17/99 vs Orting MS, away JV W 20-18! - Varsity W 28-8!

Woo Hoo! What a way to finish out the season!

Both teams played very good games: strong defense, consistent, organized offense, and the results showed!

JV: Helen 7pts; Jenny 6 pts; Allison and Katie W both 4pts; Lara 2pts and Lindsey 1pt. (These add up to 24pts because of the goofy 2nd quarter deal..)

Varsity: Rosalie and Kelsey both 10pts; Katie A 8 pts; Jessy P 4 pts; Alice and Jessy K both 2pts. Rosalie fouled out, but it was good because she needs to play more aggressively, and she paced herself and got her fifth with barely 2:00 to play in the fourth quarter!

Afterward the teams stopped for pizza and then back to the Island!


Apparently there's going to be a basketball camp/workout on Thursdays, probably at McMurray, coached by Allie Maki (#15 Pirate Girls' Varsity 11th grader) -- I think for 8th graders, to start getting 'em ready for High School and Coach Tillman, but maybe both 7th-8th...

This is to keep the girls in the game before the summer league season starts!


Port Townsend "Crush in the Slush" - 8th grade girls - Saturday 04/03/99
Blue Heron Middle School, Port Townsend, WA

Game 1

Game 2

Cancelled due to lack of interest..

(..not on our part..)

I'm disappointed, but kinda not surprised: last year I was told that the organizers had a hard time pulling together two interested teams to play us; this year they couldn't get enough girls, apparently...

Mustangs vs Showalter
at McMurray -- 02/10/99!

[McMurray vs Showalter!]
[McMurray vs Showalter!]
[McMurray vs Showalter!]
[McMurray vs Showalter!]
[McMurray vs Showalter!]


[The Mustangs!]
[The Mustangs!]

[Rosalie!] [Rosalie!] [Rosalie!]


McMurray Mustangs Girls' Basketball - 1998!

Rosalie in her tear-offs!

For the 1998 season Rosalie went out for the McMurray Mustangs girls' basketball team and ended up on Varsity! She was one of three 7th graders (with Katie A and Kelsey C) and seven 8th graders (Eileen B, Zoe B, Claire C, Joon Soo H, Maura L, Aubrey R and Carolyn T)

...actually, Rosalie did some trading and ended up being #3!

Rosalie in her shorts!
'98 McMurray Mustangs! '98 McMurray Mustangs!

Date vs Opponent Score :-) or :-(
02/11/1998 vs Showalter MS, here JV W 16-14 :-) - Varsity L 18-26 :-(
02/23 vs Pioneer MS, away JV W :-) - Varsity W :-)
02/25 vs Hawkins MS, away JV L :-( - Varsity W :-)
03/02 vs Eatonville MS, here JV L 4-16 :-( - Varsity L 25-35 :-(
03/04 vs Orting MS, here JV W 24-8 :-) - Varsity W 31-9 :-)
03/09 vs Showalter MS, away JV L 8-20 :-( - Varsity L 29-31 in overtime! :-(
03/11 vs Pioneer MS, here JV L :-( - Varsity W :-)
03/16 vs Hawkins MS, here JV L 9-14 :-( - Varsity W 16-15 :-)
03/17 vs Eatonville MS, away JV L :-( - Varsity L :-(
Port Townsend "Crush in the Slush" - 7th grade girls - Saturday 03/21/98
Vashon 31 - Sequim 18 Vashon 29 - Port Townsend 31 in overtime!
03/23 vs Orting MS, away JV2 L 9-12 :-( - Varsity W 28-6!! :-)
also 03/23 vs Lake Tapps MS, away JV1 W :-)
Port Townsend "Crush in the Slush" - 8th grade girls - Saturday 03/28/98
Vashon 20 - Sequim 64 Vashon 34 - Port Townsend 36 - grrr!
(Did you get the license of that truck?!)


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